Sarnia Imperials


The NFC Sarnia Imperials are a Semi-Pro Football team playing in the NFC.  The ‘Red Army‘ is a fierce competitor in the NFC Western Division. The team was founded in 2006 calling on the long storied name and traditions of the previous Sarnia Imperials.

2016 Sarnia Imperials

 Austen Smith
 Dylan Chappelle
 Jeremiah HamiltonSafety
1Adih ListSlotback
2Mario GaudetDefensive Back
3Dillon GrondinLinebacker
4Jesse StewartDefensive Back
5Pat WrightQuarterback
6Kevin McmillanCornerback
7Brad ChurchillWide Receiver
8Joshua WrightRunning Back
9Kevin AllaerKicker, Punter
10Samuel HunterWide Receiver
11Raymond HarperWide Receiver
12Randy TriceDefensive Back
13Chad JohnsonDefensive Back
14Domenic CocozzoliDefensive Line
16Julian Shadd-gentryRunning Back
18Dalton CooperDefensive Back
19Mike HaddonWide Receiver
21Raymond MacdonaldCornerback
24Joe MasonRunning Back
25Jacob PurdyRunning Back
26Roberto BonnaniRunning Back
28Norman YellowmanDefensive Back
29Devon LairdWide Receiver
30Landon MarshLinebacker
31Floyd GrahamLinebacker
32John BainDefensive Back
33Chris Vanmeppellen-scheppinkDefensive Back
34Dan WhiteLinebacker
35Andrew VankootOffensive Line
36Cody BurtDefensive Line
38Cole TrowhillLinebacker
41Jeremy JonesDefensive End
44Bj GibsonSlotback
45Rod GutmanisLinebacker
52Andrew MacdonaldLinebacker
53Adam MackinnonOffensive Line
54Josh HardyDefensive End
55Keith KehoeLinebacker
56Mike HeberDefensive Line
58Arth PatelDefensive Back
59Adam HartLinebacker
60Matt LoweDefensive End
68Michael MassonOffensive Line
69William GardnerOffensive Line
72Andrew BeckOffensive Line
74Andrew BarnesOffensive Line
75Ryan SheppardOffensive Line
77Tyler SmithOffensive Line
80Joe KingdonDefensive Back
81Alec DixonWide Receiver
82Austin ColterTight End
85Matt GoulaisSlotback
89Ryan LounsburyWide Receiver
95Allen MatonOffensive Line
96James EldridgeOffensive Line
98James PurvesDefensive Back