The Senior Bulldogs are looking to keep the good times rolling in Oakville

The Senior Bulldogs are in Oakville this weekend for the second game of their Northern Football Conference season. They are looking to go 2-0 on the year.

Author of the article:Greg Estabrooks | North Bay Nugget
Published Jun 08, 2023

The Senior Bulldogs are looking to keep the good times rolling in Oakville

The North Bay Senior Bulldogs are looking to win their first road game they are playing in this season.

The Bulldogs’ first home game went well as they beat the visiting Ottawa Sooners 30-20 at Mike O’Shea Field last week.

This Saturday night it’s a trip to Oakville to play the Longhorns. Oakville was drubbed 42-0 by the Tri-City Outlaws last week. Bronte Field in Oakville was usually a place to be feared by visiting teams, perhaps not anymore.

“The guys are excited to play,” says Bulldogs head coach Marc Mathon. “Coming off a win is an exciting thing, especially it being the first game of the season. We didn’t know what to expect from them.”

The Bulldogs don’t know what to expect from Oakville either and the opposite holds true. Mathon says seeing game tape from the Ottawa game gives the coaching staff time to clean up their own house first.

“We are preparing by doing some of the things we saw on film that we didn’t do right last week,” remarked Mathon. The Bulldogs did a lot of things right, but they were gashed on some run plays and Mathon wants to tighten that up on defence.

“On defence, gap integrity, there were a few plays where we left our gaps (between defensive players) too big. Or we had players trying to do somebody else’s job,” stated Mathon. “In the fourth quarter they (Ottawa) exposed that, so we did some drills today (at practice) to work on that.”

It didn’t hurt that a Hec Crighton Trophy Winner, Jordan Heather, is the quarterback. Heather took some shots in the first half but still managed to throw four touchdown passes. Heather was glad to see the game tape from the opener.

“It is a really big tool; it lets us see exactly what happened and get better,” says Heather.

This is what the quarterback would like to see for The Oakville game.

“The biggest adjustments for us going into week two are communication on the offensive line and spacing by the receivers. We played and executed well, just need to clean up the small things,” says Heather.

The game in Oakville is at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

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