The North Bay Bulldogs rout the Oakville Longhorns by a 51-0 score

The North Bay Bulldogs have been on the receiving end big scores versus the Oakville Longhorns. The cleat was on the other foot Saturday.
Author of the article:Greg Estabrooks | North Bay Nugget
Published Jun 10, 2023

The Senior Bulldogs crushed an overmatched Longhorns team in Oakville 51-0 on Saturday night.

The Bulldogs led 15-0 after one quarter and 34-0 at the half. North Bay is now 2-0 on the with a big road date in Sudbury on the schedule for next weekend.

North Bay attacked Oakville threw the air as all three quarterbacks were used with the Bulldogs rolling up more than 300 yards in the air.

Miguel Allard had two quarterback sacks for North Bay and added one tackle for loss. Kory Benoit, Jesse Shoults, and Anthony Basso picked off Longhorns passes.

Quarterback Jordan Heather was happy with the teams effort and the fact the scoring was spread around.

“It was a really great team win. It wasn’t one or two guys scoring. We had six different players catch touchdown passes and all three quarterbacks contributed towards the seven touchdowns we scored,” says Heather.

Heather is in his first year playing in the Northern Football Conference but has been debriefed from veteran Bulldogs about the rivalry with the Spartans.

“Sudbury is obviously very close so it’s a pretty good rivalry I’ve been told. I’m pretty excited for this game and we will prepare to the best of our abilities and worry mainly about our own execution of plays,” says Heather, who threw four more touchdown passes on Saturday.

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