Power Ranking – 2016 Week 7

Power Rankings Week 7

Rankings #3 and #4 are close and will be decided this week when they play each other.

Rankings #5 and #6 are also a flip of a coin and will be firmly decided when they play each other after this week’s Bye for both teams.

#1 GTA All Stars
This team stays on top until somebody beats them. They are resting at home before the final stretch to playoffs.
Week 6

#2 Ottawa Invaders
The Invaders were also resting this week and will remain in this slot until somebody else steps up and knocks them down. But the next 3 teams are closing the talent gap.
Week 6

#3 Steel City Patriots
The Patriots beat Sudbury for the first time in their short history. Looks like they cleaned up in the penalty department. Well done boys!!
Week 6
WIN 28-21 over Sudbury

#4 Sarnia Imperials
They came back after last week’s defeat and took care of TCO. They got their offence moving and the Wright – Lounsbury combo were getting it done. Big game this week.
Week 6
WIN 42-23 over Tri City

#5 Sudbury Spartans
They travelled light to Steel City and couldn’t get it done. This one went down to the wire. And they hung with a top 3 team for 4 quarters.
Week 6
LOSS 28-21 to Hamilton

#6 Tri City Outlaws
They struggled against Sarnia. But this team still plays solid ball. Tough football program that is slowly finding its identity. Watch out for them in the playoffs.
Week 6
LOSS 42-23 to Sarnia

#7 Sault Steelers
Nice job in Oakville boys! This was a big road win for a team rebuilding with new talent. Looks like the defense is still a top tier unit with Brandon Lewis leading the front 7.
Week 6
WIN 18-14 over Oakville

#8 Oakville Longhorns
It’s hard to find words for where this season has gone for the Horns. They have a young team with great numbers, they have some real talent but this season has quickly gotten away from them.
LOSS 18-14 to the Sault