Power Ranking – 2016 Week 6

Power Rankings
Week #6


#1 GTA All Stars
Well done All Stars. This team performs a 100% better with Tommy on the field holding a football than off the field with a clipboard. Defense plays a lot tougher when they know the offense is moving the ball.
Week 5
WIN 75-17 over Sarnia

#2 Ottawa Invaders
The only team to beat GTA the past two seasons took care of business at home. They are clearly the second best team in the NFC right now.
Week 5
WIN 24-3 over Sudbury

#3 Steel City Patriots
The Patriots dominated Oakville this week. Playing a complete game and rebounding from a loss a week ago. They got some offense going and defense took care of business. Therefore moving up in the rankings.
Week 5
WIN 28-6 over Oakville

#4 Sarnia Imperials
This team was knocked down a few notches. They have to put this loss behind them and get back to work. No sense dwelling on the past. That means stop posting memories of 96-1 and 75-17… Get back to work boys!!!
Week 5
LOSS 75-17 to GTA

#5 Tri City Outlaws
The Outlaws dominated the Sault in the Sault. This team shows up every week to play and they don’t disappoint. Tough team to play.
Week 5
WIN 30-6 over the Sault

#6 Sudbury Spartans
They gave up big plays and their offense couldn’t get rolling. Can’t win football games if you can’t score. Still they hung with Ottawa for 4 quarters. A program on the right track but still lacking some desire.
Week 5
LOSS 24-3 to Ottawa

#7 Oakville Longhorns
This team is struggling in finding its identity. And this loss to arch rival Hamilton was the exclamation point on the season. Back to work boys!
Week 5
LOSS 28-6 to Hamilton

#8 Sault Steelers
Tough loss, a rebuild season. Championship programs go thru cycles. And the Steelers are working with new talent. Give this team this season and watch them turn around next year.
LOSS 30-6 to Tri City