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2017 Preseason Report

The Northern Football Conference Executive meeting in Barrie over the past weekend revealed the path of the NFC for the 2017 season.

A tentative schedule has been worked out giving the teams opportunity to prepare for NFC week 1 on May the 27th.  The schedule will be posted to the site in graphic form and then in a week by week breakdown.

Two teams rejoin the NFC. The Toronto Phantom Raiders are back after a rebuilding year and make up the fifth team in the NFC East. They join the Invaders, Longhorns, Patriots and the reigning NFC champions the GTA All Stars.

The North Bay Bulldogs return after a 6-year league hiatus rebuilding their football program from the ground up. The Bulldogs look to make an impact in the NFC West joining the Steelers, Spartans, Outlaws and the Imperials.

The NFC Preseason is in full effect. The teams are recruiting and training for a great NFC 2017 season.

Toronto Raiders Granted 1 Year Absence

The Toronto Raiders have been granted a 1 year absence to rebuild their team. Team officials cite the reason “as a lack of commitment from their player base”.

With that announcement the NFC administration kicked into high gear and prepared a new schedule and reworked the divisions.

For now the league has shaken things up. The Steel City Patriots now move to the Eastern Division. The first week of games go on as intended but without the Toronto Raiders.