Power Rankings – 2016 Week 4

Power Rankings 2016
Week 4

What came out of week 3 games?

1) Parity in the NFC this season
2) Teams are going to jockey for playoff positioning
3) Rankings 4 thru 8 are whisker apart of each other

Week 4 Power Rankings

#1 GTA All Stars
***Defending National Champs***
Reflected on this one for a bit but in the end…
It’s gonna take more than a 1 point loss to Ottawa to remove them from this position. These aren’t standings but rather rankings and yesterday they let one slip by them on the road. But the gap has quickly narrowed between them and the next 2 teams.
Week 3
LOSS 15-14 to Ottawa

#2 Sarnia Imperials
The Imps were off this weekend. They have a matchup in two weeks that could hurl them into first place in the rankings. Until then they will sit comfortably in first in the west and second in the league.
Week 3

#3 Ottawa Invaders
The Invaders drew first blood in the home and home with GTA. They bolstered their roster with some veteran signings last week and got it done a week after a tough road loss with a very short bench. They are moving up quickly again.
Week 3
WIN 15-14 over GTA

#4 Steel City Patriots
The Patriots had the week off and slipped a spot after Ottawa beat GTA and reestablished themselves as a championship contender.
Week 3
BYE Week

#5 Tri City Outlaws
Another close game and this time the Outlaws came out on top. They did it against one of the best defenses in the league. A solid team.
Week 3
WIN 14-13 (OT) over Sault

#6 Sault Steelers
Their defense played stout. Their offense showed a glimmer of hope. And they rise in the standings. Their defense will keep them in games this season.
Week 3
LOSS 14-13(OT) to Tri City

#7 Oakville Longhorns
They beat Sudbury at home with a last minute game saving drive. They did enough to win their second game in 3 years. Now go repeat that again next week and we will see where you end up in the rankings.
Week 2
WIN 26-21 over Sudbury

#8 Sudbury Spartans
A loss to Oakville sends you down in the rankings and with other teams rising up, you quickly end up in the league basement. You gotta win games you are supposed to win.
Week 3
LOSS 26-21 to Oakville