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Longhorns alumni to sign with an NFL Team

The New Orleans Saints signed NFC Longhorns Kyle Hergel.
Congratulations to the first ever Longhorns alumni to sign with an NFL Team.
Kyle was recruited out of the MIFA Program to play for the Longhorns at the age of 16 and was a devastating force for his opponents.
Longhorns are excited for Kyle’s career on the big platform and wish him all the best!
Liston B
Head Coach
NFC Longhorns

Congratulations Coach Darrell Adams

The Northern Football Conference along with the Longhorns organization are happy to congratulate Coach Darrell Adams. Coach Adams is a class act professional with a wealth of knowledge that the young Longhorns team has had the opportunity to learn from.
Coach Adams led the best Winter camp in Longhorns history and assisted during some of the toughest times for the organization.
We wish Coach D.A an amazing future in the OUA.