NFC 2016 Week 1 Wrap Up

The 2016 season kick-off has come and gone and now that the dust has settled here is what has happened. The season started off with the scheduling controversy but trucked ahead to bring you great NFC football action early on.

You’re asking, where is the crunchy stuff? Where are the stats? I need a player profiles? We can assure you we are working on it as we speak. We are trying to reorganize to make the NFC more fan friendly so we are concentrating on getting the infrastructure working and content flowing for you. will be your outlet for all things in Ontario Semi-Pro Football.

Each Game link contains a summary of the game and the scores. In the future they will have analytics as well as stats. Now, we are getting the format down.

Game Links:
Oakville @ GTA

Patriots @ Invaders

Outlaws @ Imperials

NFC Local News Reports:

Don’t forget to check out the Power Ranking for the week and find out if the NFC Insider’s predictions came true or – was all smoke and mirrors.